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So how did this site come about?
Well.... Me and the Missus were round some friends for the evening to have a Chinese. But due to poor planning no one had a menu for any of the takeaways in town.
'So how are we going to know what to order?' we said
'Easy' I say 'the Chinese takeaways have gotta have websites so we can see the menus'.

How wrong I was!

After spending 15 minutes searching the interweb we could not find a single Chinese takeaway in Stowmarket with a website let alone a menu to have a look at.
In depression I said 'If only there was a website where all the takeaways in Stowmarket were listed with their opening times, location and menus'

It was at that moment a light bulb appeared above my head and I said.....

'I know I will do one myself'  (and here it is.)
Please Note: We have no connections to any of the businesses shown on this site. We simply display their information. If you need to contact any of the takeaways do it directly with them as we won't be able to help you.

Please don't send marketing emails as you'll be wasting your time!

If you own or manage one of Stowmarkets takeaways you might like to provide us with more information such as opening times or new menus. Feel free to email us.
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